Postina: A Publish/Subscribe Middleware Designed for Massively Multiplayer Games

Postina is an API designed for the special requirements of network layers in massively multiplayer online games. That is, it provides interfaces for both direct messaging as well as publish/subscribe functionalities for the communication and messaging necessary in such games. The API has also been implemented in Java using Pastry and Scribe, resulting in a framework that is ready to use and combines the capabilities of Pastry and Scribe, adds some missing functionalities and offers an interface specially adapted to MMOGs.

The concrete realization of Postina is an application built on top of Pastry and Scribe, which were both built with a special focus on scalability. Based on Pastry, the provided implementation of Postina is a peer-to-peer-application in which each client (node) is equal to all others. All clients build a network and can communicate with each other. Each application executed on a separate computer represents a client in the P2P-network.

Although the provided implementation of Postina uses Pastry and Scribe, this is not the only possibility. Postina is designed in a way that Pastry and Scribe can be replaced without having to change the application that uses Postina.

Postina has been developed by Dominik Zindel (dominik [at] as his master thesis at McGill University and University of Fribourg (Switzerland). Postina has been released under GNU LGPL.


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Last updated: 2008-02-19 by Dominik Zindel.